Month: June 2019

Importance of APA style in scientific work

With regard to the production of scientific papers such as articles, monographs, dissertations and theses, the APA rules have several benefits. Retraction, spacing, direct quotation, these and other terms, at first glance, seem strange. And they are, but only to those who have never had contact with them before. The Brazilian Association of Technical Standards […]

How to prepare a monograph?

The Monograph is an academic work that aims to reflect on a specific theme or problem, has a much more scientific character and results in a systematic investigation. However, the supervisor has a very important role, contributing to the choice of the subject, making important recommendations to help the student, who ultimately should define the […]

Tips for writing academic papers

Practical guide for preparing academic papers according to ABNT standards Tips for a good job To avoid the plagiarism situation, the ideal is to refer to the books and articles used, that is, when writing the author’s ideas with his own words at work, not to mention it in his text, giving it due authorship […]

Academic degree

What is a master’s degree? Did you know that the master’s degree is the most sought after in USA today? But most people do not know what they are looking for. The Master is an intermediary structure within the American postgraduate degree, because before it is made up the MBA specialization, already above the master’s […]