Importance of APA style in scientific work

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With regard to the production of scientific papers such as articles, monographs, dissertations and theses, the APA rules have several benefits.

Retraction, spacing, direct quotation, these and other terms, at first glance, seem strange. And they are, but only to those who have never had contact with them before. The Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (APA) regulates the technical standardization throughout the Brazilian territory. And its performance goes from the rules indicated for goods and services even those used in the writing of documents or works in general.

With regard to the production of scientific papers such as articles, monographs, dissertations, theses, among others, the APA rules have several benefits. Quickly, some can be listed: they facilitate the cataloging of such works, avoid plagiarism, and help locate the authors used as references for the publication in question.

Many people only hear of these norms when they enter a university, when they begin to produce in the scientific area, through research. However, there are those who have the potential to start getting used to regulation as early as school age. Some teachers ask that students follow the rules for school searches.

The determination is valid not only for the organization of textual elements (introduction, development and conclusion), which are already known by the students, but also the pre-textual ones (cover, cover sheet, etc.) and the post-textual ones (references, annexes, etc.).

In graduation, where the vast majority have contact with the terms, the rules are demanded more rigorously. That is to say, to lose points in an academic work by the noncompliance to the APA is something that the students do not usually nor ask the teachers to reconsider, since it is seen like obligation in the elaboration of this type of publication.

In the beginning, it is not easy to get accustomed to all the rules that add from the type and size of the source that should be used to the best way to cite the ideas of the authors. But later, with practice, some will already be in the mind, because they are much traveled. For those who do not know anything about the norms, it is worth consulting the APA files, which are quite didactic and easy to assimilate.

It is always good to have them on your computer for emergency consultations. When you are accustomed to using at least the most recurring rules, you will hardly be able to do a poorly structured job. To make sense, it will open a file in the text editor already changing the font for Times New Roman or Arial, body 12, with spacing of 1.5 between rows and so will …

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